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Thermal Imaging Consultations for Home Owners

Using thermal imaging technology, we identify existing cold spots, air leaks, lack of insulation, moisture in walls, in-floor heating issues, etc. in your home.  Our findings are presented to you in a written report with color images.


Pre-Listing Home Inspections


Many pro-active sellers choose to complete a home inspection prior to putting their homes on the market.  Pre-listing home inspections identify possible defects or lack thereof, and can be a powerful tool for highlighting the true quality of a home.  Pre-listing home inspections can aid in a quick sale.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection


A home inspection is an unbiased, general overview of the visual condition of a home. Our home inspections include a check of the following items in accordance with standards of the American Society Of Home Inspectors (ASHI):


                   -Structural Components

                   -Exterior Components

                   -Roof Components




                   -Air Conditioning

                   -Insulation And Ventilation


We operate furnaces during heating season, A/C equipment during cooling season, appliances, plumbing fixtures and a representative sampling of light fixtures, outlets, windows and doors.


New Construction Inspections

You customize a visual third party inspection schedule for your new home project. We inspect for quality of construction and progress for your piece of mind, and provide a detailed report complete with digital photos.

Water Testing

Water testing reveals the presence of coliform bacteria and nitrates. Samples are collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis.  Results are generally available within 2-3 business days.

Home Inspector Home Inspection Walker, Minnesota Phil Bauerly Bemidji, Minnesota